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Save yourself from ugly problems of ‘Apple mail to PST’ conversions

At the time when you sit down to do some work and get stuck at some point-technical or otherwise, you naturally start exploring the internet to get the solution to it. I found myself in a similar situation a few days ago. I had started using Outlook for my professional needs and eventually felt the need to transfer my data files from my long term mail account in Apple mail. This is when I had the realization that there is no direct way of achieving the same. Instinctively, I started exploring the ways of converting Apple mail to PST files.

I found an online solution and starting using that tool. In the beginning, it all seemed to be working fine. But as the work progressed it became more and more complex and by the end I was thoroughly disappointed. Not only were the results underwhelming but also the whole process took a toll on me. Still, I was determined to find myself a viable way of converting my Apple mail to PST files. After a lot of research, I narrowed it down to a single yet wholesome choice-Mail Extractor Pro.

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Mail Extractor Pro is a mail conversion tool that isused for converting different mails to Outlook. Using this Apple mail to PST files converter, you can also convert Thunderbird, MBOX, and Postbox to PST or convert MBOX to OLM. Therefore, this is a one place solutionto all the conversion needs for those making use of multiple email accounts. Ifyou wish to gain more knowledge of this amazing Apple mail to PST files converter, then read through the following lines.


Learn moreabout the fastest ‘Apple mail to PST files’ converter-Mail Extractor Pro

I have made use of this wonderful creation and there by I would vouch for it. Mail Extractor Pro is a unique Apple mail to PST converter. It takes great care of even the minutest details while carrying out the conversions.


To begin with, the provision of ‘multiple files conversion’ saves a tremendous amount of effort as well as time of the users. Moreover, there is an option of auto-load to upload the data for conversion. The combination of these features is nothing less than a blessing for those who are looking forward to converting large database. Many of you, who are paranoid like me, might feel that this would drastically reduce the speed of conversion.But thanks to the advanced technology of this Apple mail to PST files converter, the speed of conversion processis lightning fast even with large number of files.

The most enticing feature that influenced my decision to recommend it is that my files were precisely replicated. Every single detail was present in the converted PST files. What’s more is that this all is available at reasonable price. The full version of this Apple mail to PST files converter would leave you spell bound as it includes free lifetime updates. What are you waiting for? Grab your copy of Mail Extractor Pro today!

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